Full solution - tailored to your needs

We can start small, by partnering on a smaller project or providing a smaller team for an existing product and grow based on your requirements. From idea conceptualization to proof of concept and product implementation, we work with you throughout the product lifecycle producing a full software solution. As your trust in us increases so can our partnership.

Project Discovery & Specification

Let us help you prepare a solid project specification that will guide you through the product development process.

Agile Software Development

Build a flawless, responsive website or application with our team of experienced designers and developers in 8-weeks-long cycles.

MVP Development

Step by step, we’ll help you design, develop and launch your Minimum Viable Product, helping to turn that vision turn into a project that satisfies both you and your target audience’s needs.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is the key to customer satisfaction. We make sure that the sites we build for you look great on all types of devices and all types of browsers.

Mobile App Development

Build a stand-out iOS app, a reliable Android application, or a cross-platform mobile experience that works across the board, for an audience of any size.

Post-Maintenance Support

Enlist our experts to provide post-release support, add new features and technologies, and scale your product to prolong its life cycle or break new ground.

Our Technology Stack

At Valens we employ a number of open source/freely available technologies. We believe this brings us and you many benefits, including a large amount of documentation, regular updates, low ongoing costs and access to a wide talent pool.

Your solution - software development partner

We develop software with high quality features in short iterations, using Agile development methods.

Built for Speed

Websites that we are creating get the best results and grades at GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed.

Flexible and Multipurpose

Valens creates various websites for complex and scalable projects for all kinds of businesses.

Rapid Agile Development

RAD is a progressive development model that gives more importance to rapid prototyping and speedy feedback over a lengthy development and testing cycle.

Adjusted to Market Needs

We are finding new solutions and refine your marketing strategies for increasing conversions rate and ROAS.

Consult your idea for free

Set up a call with our developers and consultants to get actionable advice on your startup business and software development.

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