Another great milestone for We are now part of the top 7% of global software engineering vendors at Pangea

In a world of software development agencies where it is hard to recognize top-performing teams, we believe that being part of the Pangea community will help us become even more transparent, and show the world who we are.

Our company constantly strives to provide the best services, high-quality solutions, and accurate information at any given time. Having gone through the independent verification process at Pangea, we can now do just that with our verified profile.

During this verification process, we stopped at different topics, like Technology, Culture, Recruitment and HR, Certifications, and Business Strategy. With the guidelines provided by Pangea, we were able to successfully iterate our existing processes and come up with new ones in order to provide potential clients with support and confidence. We've built a solid ground for further development and set an action plan to improve our daily operations and efficiency. Now we are more than ever ready for growth in a year ahead and beyond.

Key findings

For planning growth in a competitive market like software development, gaining insight from clients and employees is essential. Understanding our clients needs is crucial for our business and we really do care what they say about us. Insights delivered by Pangea said our client score is 9.7/10 which is a great confirmation to our team's hard work and dedication for each of the projects we worked on.

We are thrilled to see that our team is satisfied at and that the team culture is recognized to be one of the strongest aspects of our company.

Pangea client survey came at the right moment allowing us to get the latest round of feedback which will be directly embedded onto our vendor profile. This is really a strong side of Pangea, allowing external companies to see the testimonials of the previous engagements with the vendor they would like to form a partnership with, and we really appreciate the effort our clients took in order to provide us with great testimonials!

Continuous improvement and excellence

We love building long-lasting relationships both with our clients and our colleagues and we look forward to expand our skillset and knowledge base by working on interesting and challenging solutions which will help us gain more experience in the field that we’re most passionate about.

“In a quickly evolving marketplace, founders need software development with rapid and Agile delivery. We can help you to identify key features, create a plan of product development and get the project ready to launch using 8-weeks-long cycles. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, our team is here for you.” - Branko Simic, CEO at

Being part of the top 7% of global software engineering vendors at Pangea doesn’t put our ambitions for growth on hold though. Perfection is not only possible, it is close for And we will not rest until we achieve it. So jump on board and become a proud partner of one of the elite software development companies globally.

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